Lead Yourself In / Dee

clear water
streaming downwards ;
an ancient  journey
flows in your bloodstream

do you hear your own calling
the breadth of ancestors
within you ?

their warm presence
is an affirmation;
you can take the journey
over pebbled streams;
clear water looking back
at you
your reflection a reassurance
for the earth,
the water
and the sky

don’t be afraid
for fear is another way
of readying you
for who you are becoming.

the beckoning
the listening
and all the voices
merge into one

yours to find and
to keep.

the air is September
without autumn
and the soft murmur
of birds is amiss
the moazzan calls out
five times a day
the days are shorter
so it feels like a circular
calming and collectively
small pockets of autumn leaves withering at your feet;
and in that instantaneous moment you let go of everything
letting it fall around you
the gathering of a lifetime
and like a child
the tears fell
love left you forever tonight.
mourn its passing
open yourself
to welcome you
with one hand take the other

Dee is from lahore. loves old trees, words and surreal nights~

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