The Fox Waits / Sarah Berti

the breath       baits
the mystery we long to untrick
the living art we hone the
opposite of ssssick

the cage is outfoxed

the Fox skulk nine-tailed
in Potentia       walks
YIP! opens the mischief box
mind is the lock

smack       your red-tailed beat
in between heat and
ice is the cunning camouflage

listening to the ruse
the Fox lightly weights

on tender black paws she
moves with central

a precise, delicate
race into future
and past

now look both ways: interface

and cast your love
tails interzone

Fox Koan
time me in leaps

of blood and bone

the vixen moan

the cage I own

Sarah Berti is a mythmaker, ghostwriter, former director of Mulmur Hills Camp, and founder of Bright Leaf Literary. Her poetry has been published in Reliquiae Journal. She can be found in her off-grid sanctuary in the precambrian wilderness of Ontario, Canada, under the stars.

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