Caravaggio / Dee

times wear me out
spilling on canvas
stains of unfinished lives
dripping from my fingers
slicing my empty pockets
on the pavement-
crevices of  my darkness
the chiaroscuro of life
day and night are inside me
throwing me against the wall
splattering myself on canvas
pool of reflection
narcissus¹  i.

i am a contradiction
casting shadows
for times to come
phantoms within
slipping onto canvas
reeling with passions
hate for the rich man’s food
revenge for a kings mercy
folds of human wretchedness

it is not meant for your walls
my catharsis ;
they cannot carry the burden of my misery

let them lie in misunderstood alleys
in places where your kind will
come but not stay
staring at my spillage
but not touching it

not touching me.

have you come to see
fragments of my being
spread in hues?
know that i watch you
when you look for a meaning
to your restless self
like i narcissus
you look at the pool of reflection
and think you see
nay,you see me
labyrinth i
in you –
go to your search
and tell it to stifle itself
as i did.

Dee is from lahore. loves old trees, words and surreal nights~

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