RIC: What is the best way to lie?

M: Always say the truth. Truth is a permanent lie.

RIC: What do you think of the colour grey?

M: Gray is not white trying to seduce black. Gray is a white that does not tell the whole truth to black. A betrayal, but not love.

RIC: What is the future of the world?

M: The war. And after the war, again the war.

RIC: What is the easiest way to crush an enemy?

M: Make love to him. Then kill him.

RIC: If you were a lobster, which ocean would you like to live in?

M: The ocean that is inside of you. You know the door. 

RIC: Are all men Machiavellian or are you like all men?

M: I am unique. The only Machiavelli. All men think they are me, but I am one. They aren’t even pale copies of me. Not even shadows of me. Maybe just dust from me. Nothing.

RIC: You want to fuck someone. What do you cook for them?

M: Radish from the garden.

RIC: Your favourite designer.

M: Do you know the name of the man who made the mandalas on the walls of a cafe near you? And There you go. It’s him. He’s the greatest artist of all time. Mandalas are worlds: Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Ghirlandaio, Fillipino Lippi … they are all in these mandalas.

RIC: Apart from yourself, which god do you believe in?

M: Machiavelli is not a god, young woman. Machiavelli plays with the gods. The gods are children for Machiavelli. Puppets. Plasticine. The gods are nothing. Machiavelli’s only account.

RIC: Any advice to young politicians?

M: Fuck your enemies. Fuck them strong, deep, hard. Make them cum and bleed.

RIC: In memory of a Sufi patient, please describe life in two words.

M: No rule.

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