Charles Baudelaire

RIC: Charles Baudelaire, what’s your real name?

CB: My real name is Satan.

RIC: What does Jeanne Duval taste like?

CB: Like maraschino cherries, like kombucha, like bitter lemons.

RIC: What part of the body do you prefer in a woman?

CB: The nipples.

RIC: If you had to bottle or flask something, what would it be?

CB: Jeanne Duval’s saliva, for remembering the taste of kissing her.

RIC: Your first emotion?

CB: Disgust.

RIC: The last time you cried?

CB: The last time I cried was tomorrow.

RIC: Your favorite poem (from you, and from another)?
CB: “Je suis belle, ô mortels! comme un rêve de pierre” by me. There is no other poet in the world. 

RIC: Have you ever been to India?

CB: What a question! Everyone in the world has been to India, whether they know it or don’t.

RIC: A sip of honey or wine?

CB: Neither. A sip of Jeanne’s tears.

RIC: In remembrance of a Sufi patient, tell me what life is like with just two words?

CB: Fuck all. 

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