Echoes / Dee

(an ode to your year that was)

there is a path
you know it
and yet
are unaware of it

the sun throws your shadow
dancing a waltz with you
and the moon appears

your shadow leaves
sadness engulfed,
for you have not the sight of yourself ;
then look
deep inside where there is despair
to find meaning for your existence
the shadow is within
waiting to be embraced.

the dream is where you reign
standing next to your goddess
a creature,  a phantom of desires
lying curled in your darkness
and at the edge of it is light.
going forth will be daunting,
you have done it before
in the lives of your archetypes
women who dared to live
and when they did
they were placed neatly on the
by men scared of your  strength ;
of the Eve in you.
meet her on the last night of the year
that has been heavy for you
and befriend it
to begin a new conversation
with yourself-
the wars you have fought
have been acknowledged by all the women
before you, within in and after you
the beacon is calling
so listen
with all the  voices inside you
and when night beckons
embrace yourself
you are the light

know that.

Dee is from lahore. loves old trees, words and surreal nights~

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