Stardust / Dee

hanging outside with washed linen
sun kissed dreams
dreams kissing the sun
and at night
coming up on the chatt¹
to see the moon
dreams kissing the moon
the day after you left
a friday of our lives
the sun coldly lay itself
on my naval
sun kissing the naval
bordering on yearnings
half met
half dreamt
the heart remembers
singular moments
in their entirety
in one moment
two pig tails
and a sachet with
books, fragrant erasers
and a pencil
leisurely then urgently
wanting the world
to fill the pages of schoolwork
and there in a corner of time
your younger self skillfully
cutting lemons for a jug full
of lemon water
dastarkhuan² bursting at its seamsa book on the bed side table
lullaby of dreamers
how long before eyes tired
will drop and then drop
an abyss awaits you
where you lay your treasure
a handful of dreams
sun kissed
naval swelling dreams
fingers tracing
the days spending you

Dee is from lahore. loves old trees, words and surreal nights~

¹ terrace 

² tablecloth  laid with food

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