Visible Cities / Ashima Prashar

My city is a collection
Of tall buildings and terraces
I have grown so fond
Of catching distant people
Off-guard on their roofs

Few things give me more peace
Than to look at the silhouette
Of a couple at night, or a
Boy practising planks alone
A young girl giggling talking on the phone

Two women colouring
Their terrace with wet clothes

Sometimes I catch an old man
Looking in my direction from his place
Two labourers drinking tea
And feeding the pigeons their bread

History, literature, and phone screens
Never give me this feeling
That sitting down, gazing at terraces does

Ashima is a poet-silhouette floating around New Delhi, India. She hopes to make
films and is working on her first feature screenplay. If you like films, follow her
(@liquidroom) on IG/Twitter. For a friendlier powwow, write to her at

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