RIC:  What does your name mean?

Ifẹ̀: My name means the gloss, the verb, the knowledge, the entirety of the known and unknown world.

RIC: Is it true that the Supreme God Olodumare created you out of air?

Ifẹ̀: The breath is me, the inhalation and the exhalation. But above all, inspiration.

RIC: Has anyone ever seen all of you?

Ifẹ̀: I am small as a grain of sand, yet people have never finished going around me.

RIC: As a city, tell us the most interesting thing you have ever seen.

Ifẹ̀: In the center of me, there is a bottomless pit. It is a cave that contains the memory of men and the tears of the dead.

RIC: Your views on Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities.

Ifẹ̀: Calvino came, accompanied by Marco Polo, on the road to the Great Mughal. He came, he dreamed and saw nothing. Because he dreamed of a woman’s body, because for him alone counted the road to Jaipur where love was waiting for him, because he only saw when he closed his eyes a red mole on a tense breast with velvety skin.

RIC: Apart from yourself, which is your most favourite city in the world?

Ifẹ̀: The one where you sleep and where you dream that I dream of you.

RIC: What does a city know that a person doesn’t?

Ifẹ̀: The other name of Ife is the city of pleasure. Because knowledge leads to pleasure, to ecstasy, to the rendezvous with god that happens when the empty and the full meet, when you and I are one on a white sheet.

RIC: Do cities have sex?

Ifẹ̀: Permanently. Especially me.

RIC: Are cities like trees?

Ifẹ̀: If trees make love, then yes.

RIC: Where should one go to worship?

Ifẹ̀: Wherever the ground, objects and things must be sacred, sanctified by this mixed liquid of the two of us which has flowed over your thighs.

RIC: Tell us something we don’t know.

Ifẹ̀: Close your eyes, hold your breath, grab your breasts with both hands (hard), feel me inside you.

RIC: In memory of a Sufi patient, please define life in two words.

Ifẹ̀: Visit me.

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