In The Field Of The Elephant Gods / Elancharan Gunasekaran


i fear that i may forget the bare walls the cracked tiles the very essence that lingers in a humid sex room the smell of dusk rain the damp of your dark skin and the blatant lies we tell and make believe that our world is perfect but a far cry of what it actually is the dreams are real and reality is based on falsehoods and shattered egos i may forget i probably will after all of this is over and so i let the fear take over consume and drive me over the concrete edge

you see the light at the end of the tunnel an illusion conjured by the frail mind afraid of the darkness the unknown the lights guide but they are not absolute

the one true absolution:



in the field of the elephant gods the very last of its kind the herd has turned to stone every last one rendered still by a strange spell the herd is a collective conscience of the voices we hear in our  heads unfiltered and archived via the herd body every thought every decision what you think is what you become even if you do not act it out in this grey world karma is also based on thoughts was it moksha you were looking for?

maybe you do not believe in a life after death maybe you do perhaps you do not have faith in a higher purpose a higher state of mind or maybe you do not believe in beings beyond the human spectrum and that worship is an act of farce or with cultist agenda but maybe you do believe in judgement that all beings living will have to face some version of it

you are because you will yourself to be at least subconsciously now the herd has gone silent dangerously still our thoughts are all over the place naked bare and radicalized by the freedom to be the world has lost its hue gone cold as thoughts and reality try to coexist


i feel the depth of my soul fade as we gaze at high concrete structures and barbed wire fences the body’s reach becomes finite thoughts once infinite reduced to mere specks of ember glowing in the indefinite grey i feel human of that i am sure but for how long more?

Elancharan Gunasekaran is inspired by Dadaist movements, butoh and anarchism. He believes that humans are capable of governing themselves without the need of political systems. His art often involves experimenting with visual and literary forms on the raw aspects of the human condition, climate change and man-made/ natural phenomena.

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