Lee Miller

RIC: What device other than a camera interests you?

 LM:  A pen.

RIC: What do you feel about other women that Man Ray photographs?

LM: None are as beautiful as me. Neither pure. Nor chaste. Nor cheeky. Nor angelic. Neither lesbian.

RIC: Are those your lips sucking on him?

LM: These are my lips, this is my depth, this is my secret.

RIC: Your favourite philosopher?

LM: Heraclitus

RIC:  Which god do you believe in?

LM: The light

RIC: If you could live on any other planet, which one would you choose?

LM: The dark room

RIC: Tell us how to make your favourite recipe.

LM: Run some water in a bathtub, get undressed, slide into me, close your eyes. Better than a cocktail, sex.

RIC: If you had to leave one thing for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

LM: Panties.

RIC: Your ideas on children?

LM: Those of others are enough.

RIC: What do you hate the most?

LM: Periods.

RIC: Your favourite video game?

LM: Hungry shark.

RIC: Did May Ray ever tell you he loved you?

LM: He told me, yeah, pushing his mouth deep inside me.

RIC: In the memory of a Sufi patient, please describe life in two words.

LM: Don’t move. 

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