Dream 31: Kevin

I had a dream that there was a youtuber by the name of “Kevin” who my brother liked a lot. Then, there was this other channel where they would kidnap people film themselves mutilating and killing them. The people running the channel resembled some real-life popular youtubers that my cousin would watch. They acted all corny and entertaining during the videos, just like the real thing. Anyways, this channel kidnapped Kevin and posted a video of them doing terrible things to him. They shoved a tree branch down his throat and decapitated him with a blade. After playing with his corpse, they disposed of the body. My brother had seen the video and was inconsolable. The feeling of helplessness and empathy for my brother, as well as the grief I felt for a man I never knew existed was indescribable. I was relieved when I woke up, but still very disturbed.

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