Hyperbole / Kashiana Singh

I am here for you
but what does “here”
mean anymore
I am here for you
as autumn leaves linger in
careful heaps
as silence settles like a syrup
on your lips
as a painting without a frame
in expectation
as the garment ripe with memories
perpetually waiting
as the continued wakefulness
of death
as a dawn which forgot to arrive
in winter
as dinner plates left untouched by
tangible dementia
as a vintage clock ticks the night
towards hope
as an earthworm exchanges life
side by side
as the ritual of being corpse
in yoga
I stay “here” for you
I am told
the compass
will bring you home

Kashiana Singh(http://www.kashianasingh.com/) calls herself a work practitioner and embodies the essence of her TEDx talk – Work as Worship into her everyday. She proudly serves as a Managing Editor for Poets Reading the News. Her newest full-length collection, Woman by the Door was released with Apprentice House Press in 2022. Kashiana lives in North Carolina and carries her various geopolitical homes within her poetry.

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