Losses / Dee

a face
       some thoughts
                a few desires
dangling from the ends of                              your hair
the sun has not sunk
and yet the stars scream
your name
calling you out
calling out to you.

the amaltaas hangs low over the window;
shy of meeting your tiredness
have you waited long enough
or can you wait another lifetime-
the bougainvillea drips rhythmically
seditiously bringing
worn out times to your window


it’s september almost;
the monsoons have been longer
this year
skies look bloated still-

seasons that have stayed longer
and seasons that have disappeared
from our lives-
a collective amnesia of self
negating one existence at a time
absolving one memory a day
or a minute
on your hoarding skills-

Dee is from lahore. loves old trees, words and surreal nights~

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