R: Dear Aphrodite, what are our names?

A: I am desire and lust

R: Have you seen God? Who is it? 

A: I saw god, yes.  The only one, the real one.  The special one.  My father and your father.  When you penetrated me, exploded inside me, closed my eyes and screamed, yes, he was face to face with me, he was smiling at me, whispering, “That’s good, girl.  Honor me thus…”

R: Your favourite Netflix show? 

A: I don’t have time to watch Netflix.  I fuck without stopping…

R: In a hookah bar, which flavour of hookah do you usually choose? 

A: Sperm

R: Pick one: blood or semen? 

A: Bloody semen

R: Pick one: Jodhpur gin or Bombay Sapphire? 

A: Bombay Sapphyre sucked on my nipples

R: Your favourite easy pasta dish. What’s the recipe? 

A: Cyprin pasta… 

R: Your favourite hotel to have sex in? 

A: Hotel de la fidélité (Paris), each time with a different man.

R: Your favourite house to sleep in? 

A: Your bed, honey.

R: Pick one: breasts or penis? 

A: Penis over breasts

R: Which is your favourite white wine to drink in Rajasthan? 

A: Menetou-Salon, 1996

R: In memory of a Sufi patient, define life in two words.

A: Divine extasy

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