Expanse / Dee

clench your fist
           it slips faster
running through your fingers

you cannot hold onto.
letting go is inevitable
                sands of Time
                       Time to let go.

you write names
of those you’ve loved
on its bare body
the wind sweeps letters
                  to nothingness

this is the place where dreams becomes mirages,

oasis a dream;

swallowing remains of a thirst that has forgotten
being quenched.
         surreal real
you head in the direction of voices chanting
ancient callings
returning you
to yourself.

the desert echoes
words till the only
way to journey through
is to be silent;
quiet to the point of stillness.
    and pause
                 be still.

this pounding heart
against a tired ribcage
that you want to break.
you want to be free
            then do what?
do you yearn freedom?

what is to be done when
stillness is the only companion here.


         endless journey
you are where you began;

inexhaustible expanse
within and without.
footprints that fade.
leave no mark.
dissolve expectation.
this moment
is all you have
this moment is yours.

Dee is from lahore. loves old trees, words and surreal nights~

¹ desert in urdu
² desert in urdu

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