The Aral Sea

Do you remember water? 

I only remember the taste of the water that ran over your skin

What, according to you, is a desert?

It’s a bed where you’re not. 

What does dehydration feel like?

It’s when we spent days and nights on top of each other, inside each other, and I completely emptied myself into you

Are there fish still inside you? 

Call that appendage a fish if you want, but yes, it’s buried deep inside you.

What do you like to drink?

Your sweat between your breasts, in this fertile valley

Who is your favourite writer?

Sappho’s poems when I write them on your back in squid ink until the birth of your buttocks

What is the future of the earth?

We’ll dry it up with the strength of our love

Do you remember Cavafy?

He drowned in my waters, I am one with him. 

What else vanishes?

The dark pink of the tips of your breasts

Share your favourite soup recipe.

My saliva, your saliva, in your mouth.

What do want us to remember? 

That we must believe in time, that it will allow us to consume our love as it should, with strength, vigor, because it is a divine love.

In memory of a Sufi patient, please define life in two words. 

Deep dive !

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