Prière de toucher

Q: You are a breast. Do you have a body?

A: I am only a breast, just a breast, THE breast.

Q: Do you have a face? Whose breast are you?

A: No face, just a breast. Your breast, the one with the red spot. My favorite, the only one.

Q: From the innumerable touches, whose touch do you remember the most?

A: Your tongue on the top of me, a touch of eternity.

Q: What do you feel about Breton?

A: Good sucker.

Q: Would you like to get a piercing?

A: No, but a tattoo yes. A velvet squid.

Q: What are your thoughts about brassiere?

A: I am for no bra at every moment. Brassieres are for nuns in convent.

Q: Which moisturiser do you prefer?

A: Your saliva.

Q: Do you eat something?

A: Love exclusively

Q: How do you breathe?

A: Through your mouth.

Q: Are your nipple your eyes?

A: Nipples are centers of the universe, black holes and cyclopic eye of the world.

Q: Who has sucked you the most?

A: You, in my dreams.

Q: In memory of a Sufi patient, please define life in two words.

A: Touch me!


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