Danse Macabre | Laszlo Aranyi 

The need for order has gone crazy.
The deceptive balance between
the bottom and the top.
What has been sustained before is now hanging.
Hanging by a ghostly, bitter mist syrup.
The one-handed “master of final things around here”
is playing the violin.
What shall our pike pal conjure from
the hovels of our malaise?
Our Sleeping Beauty dreams are on the respirator in deep sleep.
We fucked up these thirty years. (Just like the previous
three hundred
The same will happen with the coming years.
(Fiscal order, when it breaks away from
the philosophical sense of justice degenerates into the
lawlessness of criminals…)
This nation is on the brink of extinction since the beginning.
This is your cradle, your grave.
It obstructs, then inearths…
Doomed man, you decide who will be your cutthroat!
And the new ones (or the old that remain) riding in pants
slipped below the knee,
will cheerfully smack at the clamped pricks
of the riffraff and the boor …

Laszlo Aranyi (Frater Azmon) poet, anarchist, occultist from Hungary. Earlier books: (szellem)válaszok, A Nap és Holderők egyensúlya . New: Kiterített rókabőr. English poems published: Quail Bell Magazine, Lumin Journal, Moonchild Magazine, Scum Gentry Magazine, Pussy Magic, The Zen Space, Crêpe & Penn, Briars Lit, Acclamation Point, Truly U, Sage Cigarettes Magazine, Lots of Light Literary Foundation, Honey Mag, Theta Wave, Re-side, Cape Magazine, Neuro Logical, The Daily Drunk Mag, Unpublishable Zine, Melbourne Culture Corner, Beir Bua Journal, Crown & Pen, Dead Fern Press, Coven Poetry Journal, Journal of Erato, Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Spillover Magazine, Punk Noir, Nymphs Literary Journal,  Synchronized Chaos, Impspired Magazine, Fugitives & Futurists, The Dope Fiend Daily, Mausoleum Press, Nine Magazines, Thanks Hun, Downtown Archive, Hearth & Coffin Literary Journal, Our Poetry Archive (OPA), Juniper Literary Magazine, Feral Dove Magazine, Alternate Route, CENTRE FOR EXPERIMENTAL ONTOLOGY, Bullshit Lit Magazine, Misery tourism, Terror House Press, Journal of Expressive Writing, APOCALYPSE CONFIDENTIAL, WordCity Literary Journal, Wilder Literature Magazine, Roadside Raven Review, Death’sDormantDaughter, Rasputin, Amphora Magazine, Dope Fiend Daily, THIN SLICE ANXIETY, Dark Entries, FLEAS ON THE DOG, Dumpster Fire Press, DON’T SUBMIT!, Horror Sleaze Trash Magazine, Outcast Press, DOGZPLOT Magazine, BLACK STONE / WHITE STONE, Impractical Things Magazine, Medusa’s Kitchen, Beatnik Cowboy, LET’S STAB CAESAR!, THE PEACH Magazine, FATHERFATHER Magazine, Gorko Gazette, Jupiter Review, Word For/Word Magazine, Poetry As Promised Lit Mag, Talking about strawberries all of the time, Suburban Witchcraft Magazine, BRUISER, PopCULTlitmag, Setu, Dire Need, All Ears (India), Rhodora Magazine, Arc Magazine, ShabdAaweg Review (India), Utsanga (Italy), Postscript Magazine (United Arab Emirates), The International Zine Project (France), Swala Tribe Magazine (Rwanda), The QuillS Journal (Nigeria). Known spiritualist mediums, art and explores the relationship between magic.

I am marginalised in my own country!

(Translated from the Hungarian by Gabor Gyukics)


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