Saul Leiter

RIC: Which woman have you photographed the most?

SL: Death

RIC: Is a camera an eye? 

SL: No. Another extremity of my hands

RIC: Who is a more talented photographer than you? 

SL: Bert Stern

RIC: What is your favourite type of cuisine? 

SL: My semen and your period blood, mixed in equal parts

RIC: Why did you never photograph Rajasthan? 

SL: Because you were not born yet

RIC: Tell us one thing that no one knows about you. 

SL: Women die after I take a picture of them, because I’m an angel of death

RIC: Roses or jasmine, which scent do you prefer? 

SL: Jasmine, for the beauty of the word

RIC: Do you think parmesan should be added to every pasta dish? 

SL: No. But pesto shoud

RIC: What is your favourite wine? 

SL: One drop of Lacrima Christi sucked over your breasts

RIC: Did you ever see the northern lights in Norway? 

SL: In your eyes, when you collapse after sex

RIC: Can you eat a seal’s eye? 

SL: If you ask me, yes.

RIC: Why did you photograph blurred images? 

SL: Because life is everything but clear and precise, blurred is the true life

RIC: In memory of a Sufi patient, please define life in two words. 

SL: Shoot me

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