RIC: Where does your name come from?  

P: It came simultaneously from your lips and Shiva’s lingam. 

RIC: What is the color of your skin?  

P: The colour of your skin. 

RIC: Do you taste like salt or sugar?  

P: Neither. Only bitter lemon. 

RIC: More in the evening or in the morning?  

P: More all the time. Evening, morning, afternoon. 

RIC: Would you rather make love with the gods or with men?  

P: Gods are men. But men are not gods. 

RIC: Front or back?  

P: Back. Again and again. 

RIC: At the moment of ecstasy, do you leave or do you arrive?  

P: I come. 

RIC: What is the meaning of a whole night of love?  

P: That it’s not enough. 

RIC: In memory of a Sufi patient, define life for me with just two words .. 

P: La chambre. 


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