RIC: Why did you cut your head off?

CM: Because it’s not the most important part of my body

RIC: Does the couple having sex beneath you arouse you?

CM: Because I’m the death over the life. And life and death together. And life making love with death…

RIC: Don’t you feel like mixing something in your blood before drinking it?

CM: The milk from your breasts

RIC: Whose skulls are you wearing on your headless neck?

CM: The one of all the ones I had sex with. « Little death », you say. Even if little, it’s death.

RIC: Your preferred quick pasta recipe.

CM: Pasta al’sangue, with your periods’ one. And chilli.

RIC: Where should we worship you?

CM: Because all other worshiping are useless.

RIC: Who is your favourite jeweller?

CM: A small shop in Golconde…

RIC: In the summer, how do you wear sunglasses?

CM: In my snake hairs.

RIC: Has Shiva ever written you a love letter?

CM: On my breasts, yes, with his divine tongue.

RIC: Who have you not killed that you want to kill?

CM: You, because I want to kill you with little death.

RIC: Tell us your favourite novel by Modiano.

CM: Sympathik ink.

RIC: In memory of a Sufi patient, please define life in two words.

CM: Fuck me.

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