DISAPPEARING / M. P. Pratheesh

an object poem in five seconds

at first, the forests become invisible.
then disappear branches, birds, deep
waters and those dark places on the
earth. only at the very end will fade
away bird-nests; its memory would
stick on to our body like  lost words.

M.P. Pratheesh is a poet and artist from Kerala, India. He has published several collections of poetry in Malayalam language. His texts and images were part of ‘let me come to your wounds; heal myself’, a cross -disciplinary art event curated by C F John. His poems and object/visual poems  have been appeared at various places including  Singing in the dark (Penguin), Greening the earth (forthcoming from Penguin,2023)  Portside Review, RlC journal, Tiny seed, Indianapolis Review, kavyabharati, Nationalpoetrymonth.ca(Angelhouse press), The bombay Review, Keralakavitha, Guftugu, Experiment-O, Acropolis, Tiny spoon, Door is a jar, Ethelzine, True copy, Indian Literature and elsewhere. His recent books are Transfiguring Places,(Paperview books, Portugal) and The Burial, (forthcoming Osmosis press, UK). He is the recipient of Kedarnath Singh Memorial poetry prize, 2022. 


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