A Poem About Laughing Knives / Logan Roberts

Carve larvae into canvas recognition
of inherited refusal for revival glowing
in instruments of decay concerning
skeletons peppered with provocative silver
tongues and deadly compositions/
resulting in a solution to reject and cower
in mountains of mechanisms feathered
with joyless winds
fears and vessels brimming with dramatic
whispers from thieves in melting light/
infernal wilderness on edge gripping
separation dressed in a dress of dismal hair
caught in tiny infrastructures forged and
forked for comas content on destruction/
intervention resting on a morsel—
a liberal bomber with self-inflicted injuries
taps into a new line of persecution littered
with interruptions to reject thieves
carving joyless tongues feathered with
skeletons and dismal light/
revival mountains melting wilderness
peppered with tiny bombs cowering
in light with forked fears and whispers
in a solution of instruments in comas
tapping at towers with fists like wet pans/
larvae dressed for interruption at a prodigal
intercession of chaos and beauty on edge
brimming with littered joy glowing
in a dress with infernal hair lost in a
cosmos ripped deep with laughing knives/

 Logan Roberts is an artist and writer in Florida. You can find his portfolio at www.helloimlogan.com


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