The Edge of a Dream / Dee

Dreams are not sequential nor without order, a sublime combination of flux and order.. the calm and the storm.. I share my dream sequence here with the hope for no order to come to my reader’s mind.


I walked to where he sat smoking,sweat trickling down his face. The heat in the air and the heat from his cigarette were both circling him. I walked from emptiness towards him and sat down on the grass. We were both looking at the emptiness that lay beyond us. The heat was making ripples in the still air. We sat till dawn and wrote letters to each other on the still night and the dense air. At dawn I walked to the woods that had grown over the course of the night , while we had been sitting and while we had been listening to the stillness of the night –


For all the nights we sat in the heat the woods grew thicker and deeper. The first night, I stood and started to walk away from him and as i did the woods grew so i walked towards the woods. He followed. I showed him my trees and I grew a lake. Waters blue and cold at this time of the year.. we sat with our backs resting against ancient trees and made love under an ancient sun. In the evenings we let our feet meet under the water,intertwining the water the earth and fire..


The lake: it knows me because it is from me. I gave birth to it when your presence overwhelmed me, filling me to the brim..I spilt over and I became the lake. Your words and mine filled it with a richness unknown to either of us.. and yet so much has been written on the surface of this lakes water.. I step back and watch my reflection grow taller and then recede as the sun goes down. The lake is dear to me because it is of me..I love the days spent in its presence and I love the nights spent under the sky with the water flowing next to me.


It calls to me.. I have known from the moment I walked to it that I was safe here and this is where I would come when I would tire out. In my dream I often stand by the edge of my lake.. I cannot know whether I entice it or it lures me.. and whenever I want to spill over I find the shadow nearby.. a shadow..a friend.. a lover.. a life within me.. it’s not an intrusion and yet  it will not allow me to let go.. to give to the water what is already marked by its ownership.


Waking. Sleeping. Both merged henceforth

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