Very Short Tales / Alok Kumar Satpute


People of a country were frightened by the royal constitution and were fully prepared for a revolution. The royal detectives told the king about the revolution, king took advice from Rajguru about this report. Rajguru had already known that the people want democracy. On Rajguru’s advice, the king changed his getup. He put aside his crown and royal clothes. He wore Khadi clothes and put on Gandhi cap on his head. He declared himself to be a public servant. Now he became very polite. Seeing these hectic changes in their king, people were very happy and they requested him to stay on continuously.
The King called himself the Prime Minister, the royal court members were named as Ministers and the royal employees were termed as Administrative Officers.


Ahmed read the newspaper daily while sitting in his balcony. There was a landfill where the colony threw the garbage and sometimes eatables too. He often saw the healthy stray dogs penetrate their nose into it and search for something to eat. Cows looked on from a distance because they barked on them terribly.
One day Ahmed saw a very healthy bull reach there and capture that landfill fully. Dogs were barking at him terribly, but bull was not impressed by them. Dogs were trying their best, but he was unaffected. At last the bull also went wild and attacked on them with his horns. Now dogs were in the position of surrendering and their barking was changing into bleating.
Nowadays it happens often that the landfill is captured by the cows & bull every time and the dogs keep looking on from a long distance.


A river was flooded. For the affected villagers, the government provided all necessities in relief camps. Government officials were strictly instructed by the highest authorities that no villager could migrate from the camps. All officials were ready to take care of the villagers. Even then, one night a couple was caught by the guards, absconding from the camp. Officers scolded them, “What is the problem? We are providing you all your daily needs, but you are not satisfied yet and were trying to escape. What do you want for us to do for you?”
“No doubt that you are providing us all the daily needs, but what about our need of intercourse?’’ The man asked innocently.


Alok Kumar Satpute, M.Com, is from Raipur. Published works in Hindi include Apne Apne Talibaan, Baital Phir Daal Par, Mohra, and Bachcha Log Tali Bajayega from reputed publishing houses. Apne Apne Talibaan (Urdu) from Aakif book depot, New Delhi.

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