Chronic Bourdainitis (or “Bourdain syndrome”) was described for the first time on April 6, 2017 in a young woman of less than thirty years of age from Jaipur, India. This patient presented a series of psychosomatic signs characterized by a disproportionate interest, a pathological obsession and a monomania centered around the mythical character of Anthony Bourdain. This man, considered universally as the archetype of the alpha male, occupied almost all the psychogenic space of the patient, both in her diurnal and nocturnal rhythm: computer screen, paper prints hung on the whole-flat walls, decal on a patched up sari. This mania went as far as a compulsive purchase of all the editions in all the available languages of the works of Monsieur Bourdain, annotated, presented behind a glass, like pieces in a museum. According to a rhythm obeying the gold-number, the patient associated periods of insomnia and hypersomnia, then falling asleep in front of her television screen chanting the last words heard of Master Bourdain. It is unclear how the illness evolved, the patient having been lost sight of after being seen one last time dressed in an Edo samurai armor riding a red Vespa in Mansoravar.

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