The unfamiliar familiar path / Dream 10

I was on a path to my village’s main river when I saw a face from a distance. It struck a chord, but not entirely. I moved closer and it was the face of my English Literature instructor back when I was in high school about 7 years ago. She cynically asked me where I was going and I pointed towards the river, but then, she said nothing. The path I was on, was quite different from the familiar picture I knew it to be in reality, it was more like a steep, filled with algae-covered rocks, changed. Further down the path, everywhere was changed all the more, it was more like an abandoned cave now. Something started to shake beneath the ground and I felt an earthquake may happen soon so I started running out of the ‘cave’. At a point, I realized that everything was suddenly changing again. I found myself on a new path which was reminiscent of an old memory: A bough imagery I thought about when I studied ‘An Ode To Autumn’ under the lady. At that point, I felt a presence behind, I looked back, and then I saw the same lady walking in an opposite direction in the far end of the road, she was somewhat older then. She smiled at me and then her image started to became blurry. I woke up.

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