Colour, dance, music / Herlyne Blaise

My head rested on this faded bench, as I tried to fix the sun, appearing gloriously in the Paris sky. I stared at my retinas, not wanting to lose a crumb of this dazzling monochrome. Shine to make me blind. Shine to burn my skin. The sun shines for everyone, so shine to bring life back to every cell of our body.

Fatigue, my eyes are closed and a dance of colors are staged under my eyelids.

The extravagant red had started in a solo waltz.

The shimmering blue made entrechats.

The rainbow had released its colors, which were contorted in the perfect execution of a modern jazz choreography.

A multitude of dots had embarked on a sensual and lascivious dance.

A melody was growing.

A playful violin, a jazzy saxophone, a wild piano.

A range of instruments playing in harmony a celestial music.

And my body lighten up and my soul hums.

All my being gives way to a sleep filled with deliciously strange dreams.

Herlyne Blaise is a 30-year-old Haitian woman living in France, making plans in an electric and gas company, and creator of Hecosfair. A passion for books, she likes to travel with them.

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