RIC-J: Is there a heaven where you live? Which part of the universe is yours that we can’t reach?

God: I am the beginning of the beginning, I am the end of conclusion, I am the whole, I am the nothing, my kingdom is a grain of sand, I am everywhere, I am nowhere, I am everything, I am nothing . I exist.

RIC-J: We know that you didn’t write the religious books. Which books have you actually written?

God: Woman, the only book I have ever written, or rather written, is not the Bible, it is not the Koran, not the Upanishads, the Book of the Dead or the Popol Vuh. It’s Lolita. I was in the soul of Nabokov, my one and only disciple, I was these butterflies in those eyes, and those bees in his heart.

RIC-J: What would you say to people who believe they have understood everything?

God: You who think you have understood everything, your existence is meaningless, you walk on the path of death and perdition. You turn away from me, you do not exist anymore, you have no sense, and I do not even know why I give you the grace to speak to you. For you to look back, maybe?

RIC-J: Most people hate your work. How do you deal with constant criticism?

God: I do not like my work either, so the critics are legitimate. I missed the man. By giving him too much brains, he killed himself slowly. In giving him a heart, he turned away from me to conquer women. In giving him a soul, he began to doubt me, even to forget me. Although I changed my name, my form, nothing works, civilizations are exhausted and disappear by dint of not praying to me.

RIC-J: Is a better world possible? Does it already exist somewhere?

God: A better world ? I would piss on it if I had a bladder … What a joke!

RIC-J: Your views on sex. Your views on love. Is there a difference?

God: Sex and love? Two opposite sides of the same room. The sun and the moon, the east and the west. An alchemical mixture that borders on scarcity, an endless quest, the search for a life (but one life is not enough). Yet it is in this fusion that you have a chance (tiny) to find me.

RIC-J: Why do you create cowards?

God: Because I created the man, who opposes the woman.

RIC-J: Are we fiction or a dream?

God: You are the dream of my dream, present when I open and close my eyes. I am the reality of your dream and yet you will never see me.

RIC-J: What is one thing you envy on earth?

God: Death.

RIC-J: A word of advice/caution to humanity.

God: Do not die without knowing the little death: there is no better preparation for the ultimate confrontation with me. I am meeting all those sparks. Get ready and enjoy.

RIC-J: Why not end all this?

God: Do not worry, it’s finishing. But an end of the world has never been done in a day.

RIC-J: Why did you choose RIC-Journal to speak to everyone?

God: I love your innate sense of imperfection, I’m that red in the corner, I’m this corner, and I’m the rest of the world.

RIC-J: In the memory of a Sufi patient, how would you define life in two words?

God: Only me.

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