Fuck me, I’m Kali / M and Mrs Hyde

Shh. Not a gesture. No noise. Look at my bust, kiss it. Caress my hair. Lick my lips. Hug me. Every part of me must be touched by you, become yours. Look how beautiful I am. Forget my lingering tongue (or imagine what I can do with it). Forget my necklace of skulls. Forget my stained feet from the blood of my victims. Think only of me. To my perfect body, to the taste of my skin. All me is yours. I’m divinely beautiful, and I can take you to an exquisite death, divinely beautiful too. A little exquisite death. Look at my buttocks. Spread them away and come. I am yours, what are you waiting for? You are scared ? I will not eat you, at least not entirely. Abandon yourself in me. Honor me.

What? I am not a goddess? I am only pieces of a cult statue? It’s the same. Worship over me. Now.

I have not been fucked in centuries – ever since time began, I have dreamt of your dick inside me, tasted the taste of bitter lemons in your cum. I am tired of being a goddess, turn me into a beast with your body, I do not want to be worshipped except with your erection, I do not want a sacrifice unless it is yours, I do not want children – who will endlessly populate the earth – unless they are half yours. Take off your clothes. Kill the goddess to bring the woman to life. I am yours. Make me a woman. 

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