Invocation to Kali / Gita Ralleigh

i’m so angry
aren’t you angry too?
at the ones who
trample the world,
kill innocents,
despoil our earth.

the ones in power
who seed death,never
reaping mourning.

rage overcomes me,
I cannot speak to
summon her,still
she emerges between
arched brows
fury flaming her ablaze.

Kali is manifest,
she dances skulls rattling
like teeth,dances,
and her indigo skin
blues to black,as
day turns tonight.

a frenzy of sword
and trident, necklaced
skulls, a skirt of severed
limbs await each
carefree destroyer

all that remains
of the fire is black soot.
they ought to have listened,
turned back from the path.

not one will escape her
no one escapes time

burn them all down, sister.
we’ll build a new world
from their ashes.

Gita Ralleigh completed an MA in creative writing in 2015. Her work has appeared in The Emma Press, 26 Writers, Bellevue Literary Review, Wasafiri, Liminality and The Brown Orient. Tweet her @storyvilled.

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