Mother Kali / Herlyne Blaise

The hours that pass, the years that pass, the time flies… And everything passes away. Everything dries up and rots. The time of a farewell, forgetfulness settles… Thus, Kali, black goddess, terrible mother of us all, reigns and destroys everything in her way. And her bloody tongue seems to translate an unquenchable thirst, her eyes seem crazy with a passion without measure and her arms seem to brandish deadly weapons. And on her neck hang the skulls, victorious trophies, of her imploring children. And clothed in space, girded with the eye that probes the universe, so with its sword, it plunges us into the darkness of death. But here comes Blessed Shiva, who lay down at her divine feet, and in the gift of his body, saved the world from ruin.
And Kali is united with Shiva
And all threats became benevolence,
And the skulls are those of the demons,
And her tongue is soaked with the blood of enemies,
And her third eye probes the world with wisdom,
And lethal weapons protect his children
And the arms guide us.
And from destruction, born creation
And hatred, born love
And darkness, born light
And from ignorance, born knowledge
And now death is born
And that the destructive mother has become a creative mother.
And that of their divine dance, of their astral union, of their cosmic love,
The universe is free, reborn, revives, grows, explodes and creates… Life.

Herlyne Blaise is a 30-year-old Haitian woman living in France, making plans in an electric and gas company, and creator of Hecosfair. A passion for books, she likes to travel withthem.

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