Untitled / Ritwik Chaudhary

What’s love that doesn’t last eternity?
What’s love that doesn’t come nervously?
Like the love for God, or a woman divine,

What’s hate that mistrusts the sea?
What hate speaks to you?

What anger, what jealousy?
Who, my friend, makes his home inside you?

What act of courage does the poet speak of?
Where did he follow? What light did he dream?

Is it a shadow before me?
Could it be! Is the light behind me?

I turn a thousand years back,
I sway, but the Sun is always before me.

Ritwik is a writer and actor living in Mumbai. He is studying as well. He believes in good, like an ancient scripture on a wall of divide. He likes going on walks, in the hope of doing what he will. 

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