RIContest: shorter entries

Dee: how the sky falls apart when you leave: clouds wither and shower like a snowy evening; falling down softly on a ground littered with memories of your presence. 

the sky falls bit by bit and reveals another merciless one underneath it. devastation after chaos and yet… you leave.

R: Shots from the new Shane Carruth movie. Stills from the new Shane Carruth movie were leaked yesterday on a website. The auteur has confirmed these pictures were from his latest movie. He also said this would be his last movie project.

Ashima: On the fifth night, she decided to awake before dawn to catch the dream that had been boggling her waking life. The mysterious stalker she encountered in the sixth alley, a week ago, had invaded her body like he’d said. Not quite in the same way she’d understood what he said.

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