Edward Hopper

RIC J: Is there sunlight after death?

EH: Like in a third level appartement facing the east. This is exactly what heaven’s light looks like. Open the window, take a breath, watch the light.

RIC J: Are there lonely people in heaven?

EH: We all are lonely together. Forever.

RIC J: Why didn’t you ever paint sex?

EH: I did. You just saw the first layer of each of my painting. The isolated bar, you remember? Do you see the lady, in the back, sucking dicks? No? I see her. Look again.

RIC J: Why were you so unhappy? Did you not know K in life?

EH: I was so happy, but biographies prefer sadness to happiness. People prefer artists crying rather than laughing. Never trust legends.

RIC J: Your favourite Indian recipe.

EH: Masala chicken.

RIC J: Name your most hated book.

EH: Holy Bible.

RIC J: Your favourite method of murder?

EH: Cyanure on a preservative, while making love.

RIC J: Your favourite form of dance?

EH: Horizontal one.

RIC J: Which is the one painting you wished to paint but didn’t?

EH: You, lying naked on my bed, playing cards, legs widely open.

RIC J: Tell us your favourite joke.

EH: The difference between god and a painter? God does not consider himself as a painter.

RIC J: In memory of a Sufi patient, please define life in two words.

EH: Final canvas.

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