time stamps of i / Dee

deep seated in my memory
deep red

shades of green
shift weather
timelines of separation-
it’s monsoon
again (2018)

thick resilience
like molasses
i fall to the ground
stretching my arms across the universe
“look, we are making memories.” (2017)

forgotten loss
irritated bursts
and the bougainvillea

stale tea
i stir over and over again
returning to the beginning
is an act of desperation

moon after moon
passing my window
how many moons till

the year of decay prolongs
death by a breadth
sagging lungs
vacant eyes
seamless nights

some years I’ll forget
some years will forget me

solace burns itself to a glow
keeps me warm at night
when nothing but endurance survives (COVID-19 july 2020)

Dee is from Lahore, Pakistan. Loves dark nights and old trees.

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