Fireflies / Moinak Dutta

Basically it was our signaling system,

Purely desi, jugaad thing,

I would suddenly brighten the flame of the oil lamp,

Loadshedding days being common in our growing years,

Specially during group study ,

And she would lessen it,

This would continue for two or three circles,

Till we both smiled,

Our teacher , the local boy who had passed graduation and looking for a job ,

Would rebuke us for being so careless about studies,

But we really did not mind his rebukes,

For we had fireflies in us,


Moinak is a published poet and fiction writer and a teacher. Got two literary and romantic fictions to his credit namely ‘ Online@offline’ and ‘ I search of la radice’. His  third fiction is going to be published soon. He loves to travel and to do nature photography. Interested in creating video poetry or poetry films. His debut video poetry / poetry film ‘ I think I love twilight’ already got accepted in Lift Off film festivals across the globe and got enlisted in some others too. He lives in Kolkata, India with his wife, son and a pet dog.

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