Between the Lines / Sekhar Banerjee

There is a chasm
between sentences; a full stop
does not end
the gush of  words

I fell down
into this abyss. It is 
final and unceremonious

Now, I tiptoe around
fallen words –
broken, frayed, mutilated, infected
I try to collect missing sentences –

and I find my dead parents
silently collecting lost words
in the dark

Sekhar Banerjee is an author. He has four poetry collections and a monograph on an Indo-Nepal border tribe to his credit. Sekhar’s works have been published in The Bitter Oleander, Indian Literature, Kitaab, Muse India, Ink Sweat and Tears, Setu, Bengaluru Review, Mad Swirl, Cafe Dissensus, Borderless Journal, Spillwords, Mad in Asia Pacific, Dissident Voice and elsewhere. He is a former Secretary of Paschimbanga Bangla Akademi and Member- Secretary of Paschimbanga Kabita Akademi under Government of West Bengal.  He lives in Kolkata, India.

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