Reprobate Fantasy / Michael Flatt

absent frequencies streak a pellucid vein through the storm
cloud of transmissions whirled into remission

as fiends drag the giant Arcturus into the earth having burst from insect
eggs like pustules from the back of a mule in parching heat

may they burn first on its arrival so that we might for a moment
be sated by the scent of their scorched muscle fibers and boiled plasma

ruminate on their rheum comingling with cerebrospinal fluids

enough enough enough I know I know
of this limpid rage and futile keyboarding
you sitting on the porch with poems and coffee
have a piece of gum and calm yourself

grade a paper
phone your solitary mother
be of use

or else go strangle a senator

Michael Flatt is the author of Absent Receiver (SpringGun Press, 2013) and the co-author, with Derrick Mund, of Chlorosis (The Operating System, 2018). He is the editor of Low Frequency Press, which publishes book-like objects of marginal aesthetics, and Threadsuns, a teaching press at High Point University, where he is an assistant professor of English.

Image courtery: Aanoosh Fatima, graduate in fine arts, her forte is abstract art, where she envisages in colours what she experiences visually. She loves music and good food besides her colour palette.

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