A Leash to Walk the Real Sun With / Michael Flatt

a dream of twilight’s creep
distended into the morning
fog of which fucking day?

in yours I leave you
for a Twitch streamer

in mine I lose you
in a theater panic
when a woman–it was unclear–
was suddenly laid on a table
and the crowd ran screaming

I dropped our keys
while a naked man explained
his nakedness casually

I wake up and wake you up
and cry hard

this happens every few months

my friends are being burned alive
in some subterranean oven
and I climb in to join them
in an act of sacrifice but the heat
terrifies me and I scream my apologies

my mother’s home is raided
by gun-toting horsemen
and I am shot to death
in my attempts to drive them off

the impossibility of protection
the obvious theme

a friend sends me a Ziploc
bag of soccer ball superballs
short on postage

and a friend shares an EP
he recorded fifteen years ago

and that streamer is pretty cute after all

Michael Flatt is the author of Absent Receiver (SpringGun Press, 2013) and the co-author, with Derrick Mund, of Chlorosis (The Operating System, 2018). He is the editor of Low Frequency Press, which publishes book-like objects of marginal aesthetics, and Threadsuns, a teaching press at High Point University, where he is an assistant professor of English.

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