On Desires, Voices, Supplication / S. T. Brant

Notes in the Cavafy poems of those titles

Temptation, whether tasted whole, nibbled, or pondered only
Is always engaged; one can from its orbit not abstain.
Desires are preserved to be mourned- revisited;
We, nostalgic of their loss.

That melody of remembrance,
Constructed from the slightest recollection
Becomes entire, a symphony of a past redone.

O! vanity of Life!
That we make into gods
Fears and our desperate vexations
Which tempest souls;
We deify behemoths that stampede us-
We idolize the leviathans that sink us.

S. T. Brant is a teacher from Las Vegas. 
Pubs in/coming from EcoTheo, Door is a Jar, Santa Clara Review, Rain Taxi, New South, Green Mountains Review, Another Chicago Magazine, Ekstasis, 8 Poems, a few others. 
You can find him on Twitter @terriblebinth or Instagram @shanelemagne.

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