Looking For Some Memories / Milena Filipps

I was looking for some music
That interfered with my thoughts
So long ago.

I was looking for the game
I used to play with you
And then forgot.

I was looking for some memory
And then I looked around,
Hoping to find
A place for it to shine.

Old music became
A sound again.
The game was played
Again and again and yet

The memories seemed not
More vivid than before.
The past still gone.
As we listened and played
It drifted further away.

Milena Filipps was born in a rather small Russian town. After moving to Germany in 2010 and finishing school there in 2020, she began studying history – a subject that interests her just as much as literature. Milena Filipps writes poems in German and English, currently finishing a novel in German. In June 2020 and January 2021 her poems appeared in the literary magazines ‘Mosaik’ and ‘Literarische Blätter’, which publish poetry in German.

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