Solstice / Atreyee Majumder

You come in through the trapdoor 
as night falls:
the longest night
north of the equator;
And light fades away from your face.

But there is a faint light 
in your eyes
That is the one 
that lights up my winter.
Between blankets and coffeemugs
Trinkets and fingers
we are one.

You touch me through 
this long, long night
And eternity comes to a day.
A moment is a long one
Come into the crevices of my soul, 
Heal my winter-weary body,
Sing me a winter’s tale tonight.
Like Shahid,
in hiding behind my window,
Call me Ishmael tonight.

Atreyee Majumder teaches sociology/anthropology at National Law School of India University. Her poems have been published in the Cafe Dissensus Blog, the Sunflower Collective Blog, the Bombay Review, and the RIC Journal. Her current research and preoccupation concerns the contemplation of Krishna-devotion in Vrindavan.

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