Dream 29: Hometown wedding

I had a dream I was at a wedding I had no business being at, a detested older brother of a friend I haven’t spoken to in decades, marrying someone I never caught sight of in the dream. It was a small and cheap gathering, like a Bingo night at the senior center vibe and I was trying to escape the attention of various vaguely familiar men who were also flying solo. I was in the wrong sort of clothes, sweaty from a run, but had with me a frilly yellow Easter dress. I was carrying this around with no particular idea when or if I would put it on. I don’t think it was mine. It felt foreign to me and it seemed much too big, even though it was a kid’s dress. I was pretty sure if I put it on it would fall right off me. I found a bathroom but it was more of a locker room, and when I started to undress, I realized it was either unisex or not a women’s locker room. More and more men kept walking in. I didn’t know whether to continue what I was doing or return to my sweaty running clothes. I had this feeling at first they had invited me by mistake, but was beginning to feel that perhaps they had done so as some kind of joke, to see if they could get me to show up, and that I was some kind of curiosity to them all, these people from my hometown where I don’t go anymore.

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