Saturdays Should be Like This / Lina Krishnan

The news, too much, and all the time
Has permeated my very bones
Body and spirit are bruised alike

I eschew the phone, and spend a Truffaut morning
Antoine & Sabine, Collette & Javier, play the love games
And ponder existential questions, with a light touch.

Now Kumar Gandharva’s afternoon raga
Is as mellow as my new mood
To think he found life neeras at times
Aren’t we all, forever, looking for that ras?

I’m content to just feel this moment
And leave some things unsought

The French New Wave, or arthouse cinema from the 1950s and 1960s, offers an escape into life and thought when the routine becomes mechanical and meaningless. This poem is about that rhythm and seeking, transient though it might be.

Lina Krishnan is a poet and an abstract artist in Auroville.

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